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Electrochemical Methods

phone: 02/9714733; 02/979 2765, e-mail:

Research area

The research focus of the Department is on the development of conventional and advanced electrochemical methods such as: impedance, dielectric and coulometric spectroscopies, non-stationary and differential analysis, spectral transforms and image diagnostics. The Department’s activities include also testing and qualification of batteries and fuel cells, incl. investigation, modeling and diagnostics of high temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), as well as diagnostics of large industrial batteries. Intelligent hydrogen and hybrid systems for energy storage and transport applications are developed.


  • Gergana Raikova, Assoc. Prof., PhD (active head)
  • Daria Vladikova, Professor, DSc 
  • Blagoy Burdin, Assoc. Prof., PhD
  • Milena Krapchanska, Res. Assoc., PhD
  • Emiliya Mladenova, Res. Assoc., PhD
  • Miglena Slavova, Res. Assoc., PhD
  • Ivaylo Genov, Res. Assist., PhD
  • Elena Mihaylova, Res. Assist., PhD
  • Dimitar Boychev, Res. Assist.
Access Impedance

European internet centre for impedance spectroscopy

Access Impedance - the web site of the European Internet Centre for Impedance Spectroscopy (EICIS) - a free access to a new impedance world without geographical and time barriers.

Projects (2011 - 2021)

Publications (2011 - 2019)

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