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Scientific Forums

organized by IEES - BAS

International Conference on Lead Acid Batteries - LABAT

The start of the series of LABAT conferences held every three years was launched in 1989 when, on Acad. Pavlov’s initiative, the Department of Electrochemistry of Lead-Acid Batteries organized the first meeting - LABAT'89. Since then, LABAT conferences have gained high international prestige as an attractive forum bringing together leading representatives of the academic and technological community of experts in the field of lead acid batteries to: share recent fundamental knowledge achievements; report latest research results; discuss future development trends, challenges and applications; demonstrate new products and production equipment; share new technological methods in recycling; present innovative ideas as well as to establish and develop effective professional partnerships and personal friendships.

Traditionally, about 300 delegates from over 40 countries on 6 continents participate in the event. To date, 9 very successful conferences have been held: LABAT'89, LABAT'93, LABAT'96, LABAT'99, LABAT'2002, LABAT'2005, LABAT'2008, LABAT'2011 and LABAT'2014. The forthcoming 10th anniversary edition, LABAT'2017, will be held from 13 to 16 June 2017 at the Golden Sands resort in Bulgaria. Selected papers presented at these conferences were published in special issues of the Journal of Power Sources, volumes 30, 31, 46, 64, 85, 113, 158 and 191. Since 2015, the LABAT Conference Proceedings, comprising the extended abstracts of all presented papers, are indexed by SCOPUS.

On the initiative of the Organizing Committee of the first LABAT'89 conference, the Board of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences established the Gaston Planté Medal named after the inventor of the lead-acid battery. This medal is awarded to prominent scientists, experts and organizations for outstanding achievements and significant contribution to the development of lead-acid battery science and technology. The recipients of the Gaston Planté Medal are selected by an International Jury among candidates proposed by an International Nominations Committee.


Sofia Electrochemical Days


Sofia Electrochemical Days (SED) is a national conference with international participation. The event is organized every two years with the support of the Bulgarian Electrochemical Society and the Bulgarian section of the International Electrochemical Society (IES). First held in 1996, the conference is an established national forum for exchanging information on the latest scientific and technical developments in the field of electrochemistry. SED attracts and unites both young and experienced researchers from home and abroad - representatives of various prestigious academic institutions and organizations, industrial enterprises and educational establishments. Through various formats, such as oral presentations and discussions, poster and educational sessions, new ideas are presented and discussed at a high expert level at the conference.

Within each forum, a Young Scientists’ Session is organized where young researchers and doctoral (PhD) students present their scientific achievements, the best of which are awarded by an International Jury.

The peer assistance provided by the Institute of Physical Chemistry "Rostislav Kaishev" (BAS), the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM), the Bulgarian Hydrogen Society and the Center for Innovation at BAS, has contributed greatly to the success of the forum.

Colloquium of IEES

The Colloquium of IEES is a permanent scientific body and a forum for qualification, exchange of information and regular reporting. Members of the Colloquium are representatives of the research staff of the Institute. The Chair is elected by the General Assembly of IEES to serve for a term of four years. The latest research results obtained by the researchers and PhD students working at IEES are regularly presented and discussed at the Colloquium meetings. The Colloquium discusses and evaluates the readiness of PhD students for opening dissertation defense procedures and for enrollment as self-study doctoral students, and initiates a proposal to the Scientific Council of IEES for consideration and further action.

Prominent scientists from home and abroad are invited to attend the Colloquium meetings and present their research achievements in the field of electrochemistry and in other related scientific areas.

Prof. Victor Boev, PhD

Chair of IEES Colloquium

phone: 02 979 2720 /2780



Doctoral Student’s Day

A Doctoral Student’s Day is organized at the end of each calendar year to provide a forum for the PhD students to present an annual report of the results of their research studies. Each presentation is followed by questions and discussion with the scientific staff of IEES. The PhD student receives an assessment of his/her individual progress and recommendations for further research work.

Academic lectures

In accordance with the Law for Development of the Academic Staff in the Republic of Bulgaria, each researcher appointed to an academic position Professor or Associate Professor at IEES presents a public academic lecture at the Colloquium of IEES. The topic of the lecture is related to the subject area of the professorship competition he/she has participated in and the speaker exposes his/her vision for personal and research thematic development for the next five years.