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Electrochemistry of Lithium Batteries

phone: (+359 2) 979 2756, e-mail:

Research area

The research team of the Department has a long experience in the field of classic aqueous and new lithium electrochemical systems:
- fundamental problems and technologies related to Zn/MnO2, Ni/Cd, Zn/Cd, Zn/C, Ni/MH, reserve battery, Li/Cathode;
- Li/SO2 and Li/MnO2 primary batteries developed for special purpose applications;
- original products of conductive binders (TAB2, TAB3, TAB4), widely used in battery industry;
- synthesis of positive (3, 4 and 5 V) active electrode materials (AEM) with 2D, 3D, spinel or olivine structure via different methods;
- synthesis and characterization of negative AEM as an alternative anode for Li-ion cells, based on MeC*, M1M2Si, etc., hybrid nano composites;
- advanced materials for super capacitors, hybrid structures cell-capacitor;
- preparation and testing of highly efficient pure, modified and hybrid active electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries;
- organic compounds as active materials for new reversible electrochemical systems;
- catalysts for the air electrode for Me - air (Li/O2);
- high efficient AEM offering mid discharge voltage over 4V, silicon based nanocomposites with capacity over 2000 mAh.g-1, organic cathode materials as RGO-AQ;
- AEM for LIB tested in water electrolytes.


  • Reneta Boukoureshtlieva, Assoc. Prof., PhD
  • Toma Stankulov, Assoc. Prof., PhD
  • Simeon Stankov, Res. Assoc., PhD
  • Ofeliya Koleva, Res. Assoc., PhD
  • Borislava Mladenova, Res. Assoc., PhD
  • Todor Petkov, Res. Assist., PhD
  • Krum Banov, Res. Assist., PhD

Projects (2011 - 2021)

  • "Multifunctional applications of graphite-quantum dot composite systems (MULTIGRAPH) - Financing of fundamental scientific research on public challenges, NSF, KP-06-OPR4/2, (2018-2021)
  • "Recycling of phosphorus and production of bio-waste from waste streams", NSF, DNA17/14 (2017-2020), in collaboration with A. Zlatarov University - Burgas
  • "New electrochemical systems based on nanoscaled materials for energy storage and conversion, environment protection and energy efficiency improvement", BAS (2017-2019)
  • "Graphene/metal oxide electrode materials for lithium batteries as energy storage system", in collaboration with  Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute ", EBR  b/w CMRDI (Egypt) & BAS (2013-2014)
  • "Investigation of organic materials as AEM for electrochemical systems application", in collaboration with Fatih University (Turkey)
  • "Intelligent battery management system for battery monitoring and energy flow optimization” (Battery Managing System), BAS

Active partner in many international R&D and industrial projects with partners as CNR, CNRS, VARTA, IBA, FMC, DMS

Publications (2011 - 2019)

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