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phone: +359 896 799 917, e-mail:

Research area

The Engineering Department is engaged in the design, development, assembly, implementation and maintenance of unique, specialized and non-standard machinery, installations and equipment, as well as in their mechanization, automation and computerization. Modern software programs for industrial and applied 3D Design are employed such as AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks. The prototyping workshop of the Department is equipped with 20 universal metal processing machines. The services provided by the Engineering Department include also maintenance of the electrical installation, the internet network and the computer systems of IEES.


  • Itzko Velyanov, Eng.
  • Iliya Trenin, Technologist
  • Boycho Mitov, Technologist
  • Svetoslav Djumaliev, System administrator
  • Stefan Stefanov, Technologist

Projects (2011 - 2021)

Implemented automatic computer controlled installations:

  • Solar energy concentration system – designed for year-round thermal energy production
  • Solar simulation system – intended for year-round testing of photovoltaic cells
  • Laboratory pilot plant for application and sintering of polymeric emulsions onto absorptive glass mat separators
  • Fire resistance test system for cables and insulated wires
  • Adiabatic auto-ignition test system for combustible solid substances