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Projects, Publications, Education, Forums

The activities of IEES are in line with the national research priorities and the policies of BAS in the areas of science research and innovation. They are entirely oriented towards achieving a sustainable presence in the European Research Area (ERA), ensuring maximum exploitation of the scientific potential of the Member States, while coordinating the interaction between them. The principal activity of IEES is fundamental and applied research for the benefit of society and the economy.

IEES actively participates in a number of research projects funded by EU Framework Programs (Horizon 2020), international cooperation agreements, research projects financed by various government funds, domestic and foreign companies.

An indication of the high scientific level of the Institute is the prolific publication activity of its researchers - books and monographs printed by renowned international publishers, articles in reputable scientific journals, publications in the proceedings of international scientific conferences.

The Institute’s activity in the field of innovations is reflected in numerous original inventions, utility models and patents.

The Institute is accredited to award the educational and scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrochemistry (including chemical power sources) and in Physical Chemistry.

IEES is a long-standing organizer of various scientific events - conferences, seminars, colloquia, etc., that contribute to the exchange of academic knowledge and experience between different research units and teams within the national and international scientific community.