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Portable and Emergency Energy Sources | POEMES | Centre of Excellence

PROJECT: Portable and Emergency Energy Sources (POEMES)

Centre of Excellence of the European Comission for Community Activities in the Field of the specific programme for RTD and demonstration on "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development - Part B: Energy program", 2005

'abc's of Chemical Power Sources, lecturer: Prof. A. Momchilov

'abc's of Chemical Power Sources                                                                                        

'abc's of Battery Testing, lecturer: Prof. Z. Stoynov

'abc's of Battery Testing                                                                             

'abc's of Electrochemistry, lecturer: Prof. I. Iliev

'abc's of Electrochemical Instrumentation, lecturer: Assoc. Prof. P. Andreev

'abc's of Impedance, lecturer:  Prof. D. Vladikova

Methods and Techniques for Testing and Research, lecturer: Prof. B. Monahov

Differential Impedance Analysis - Theory and Applications, lecturer:  Prof. D. Vladikova